Paul King chronic tinkererer

Beerophone 2000

Hack for WayOutWest Hackday in Sweden

MIDI Xylophone constructed overnight using (soon emptied) beer bottles, Arduino and GarageBand.

Kinect Virtual Disco Deathmatch

Hack for Music Hackday 2011 at the Barbican in London.

@sydlawrence and I threw this Kinect based dancing game together in about 20 hours. Uses Processing and WebSockets to push data to Chrome for rendering.

HTTP Accessible Lamp/Plug Sockets

Wireless plug remote coupled to an Arduino via a bunch of optocouplers. Web frontend to turn appliances on and off over HTTP.

Eyewriter Build Test

Built from The EyeWriter Project. Controlling a computer with your eyes; consists of a modified Webcam and a few IR emitters.

This was the one of the few times I was able to calibrate it properly, but it loses sync toward the end of the vid.

Kinect Pong

Playing around with the kinect, hand motion controlled player bat. Processing + Kinect + Me.

HTML5 Raycaster

Oldskool Software Raycaster written in Javascript using the Canvas API.