Paul King chronic tinkererer

Make sure that the four screws...

Have a few beers, impulse buy a new toy. To keep you on your toes it ships with a puzzle...

It's a Duratool D00672 desoldering station. No more mucking around with solder wick or stupid spring-loaded pumps for this guy. Point the gun at the thing you want to desolder, rattle it about a bit and pull the trigger to activate the pump.

Epic... but wait! What's this?

Caution: Make sure that the four screws which are used to fasten the Diaphragm pump are removed from the control system before use. Otherwise serious damages may be caused to the user and the system.

No mention of where I might find these screws, no diagrams, nada. Hmmmz.

A quick poke around the internet reveals very little, and the last thing I want to do is break my new gizmo before I get to melt stuff with it.

Upon pulling it apart and rummaging about around inside, I finally find four screwholes in the bottom of the pump unit:

I can only assume that previous models shipped with the pump fixed to the case for transport? There are no corresponding holes in the case underneath..


Anyways, hopefully someone else will stumble upon this post and save some head-scratching.