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Installing, NPM, and Centos 5.x

Centos 5 ships with a pretty old version of tar, that's incapable of unpacking one of the dependencies: websocket-client-1.0.0.

If you try to npm install, you'll hit a bunch of errors like:

npm ERR! tar "-mvxpf" "-" "-o" "-C"
"/tmp/npm-1313157472906/1313157485167-0.7352736354805529/contents/package.npm" tar:
Ignoring unknown extended header keyword LIBARCHIVE.creationtime

The recommended solution to this problem is to "build a newer tar from source", but why dirty up your box if you don't have to?

The Fix

  1. Download this repacked tar of websocket-client-1.0.0
  2. Run npm install websocket-client-1.0.0.tar.gz
  3. Run npm install

Since the websocket-client dependency is now installed, this should install cleanly.

HowTo (if this post is out of date)

  1. Run npm install --verbose
  2. Note the temporary name of tgz above the first ERR line, e.g. /tmp/npm-1316407706414/1316407706414-0.07840410759672523/tmp.tgz.
  3. Search backward from that line to find the download source for that temporary filename, e.g.
  4. Download that file to a box with a newer version of tar, and unpack the archive to an empty directory.
  5. Repack the archive: tar zcvf websocket-client-1.0.0.tar *
  6. Follow 'The Fix' steps, above.